Equalities and Pupil Voice

Single Equality Scheme

Our Rainbow Team
We are here to make sure that everybody in our community feels welcome, safe and happy.

Rainbow Team Charter

This summer the Rainbow Team has expanded and exciting new ideas have already been explored. Our Wellbeing Governor,Clare Ford, together with Helen Lorraine, having been meeting with the children each week at Tuesday break time.

Caspar (Mill Class) came up with a ‘Turn that frown upside down’ badge so that during break times Rainbow Team members can be easily identified by children who may need a helping hand, re-assurance or a just a chat.

Four of the team’s new members, two from each Key Stage, attended the B&NES Pupil Parliament on 14th June. The theme this year was ‘Go for it’ – Doing things that make you feel good. The children really enjoyed participating, collaborating with children from other schools and putting forward their ideas at this Parliament.

Sunniva and Sahara have helped design the Children’s Questionnaires for KS1 and KS2, and have been busy co-ordinating rolling out the infant questionnaires with other members of the team.

It is a huge compliment to our generous parents of Freshford 2015/16 Yr. 6 children that when asked if they knew what to do if they were unhappy our Foundation Stage children unanimously replied ‘We would go to the Friendship Bench’. Your bench is proving to be a legacy to all that we hold precious at Freshford.

Our Rainbow Team Charter was agreed at our meeting on 4th July. This will be taken to a whole school assembly by the team, who strongly believe that being unkind is unacceptable in our community, that everyone should be treated with respect and has a right to feel welcome, safe and happy. The children are also making a video to support their talk.

Watch this space for further news from our new team.

Rupert, Sienna, Sofia and Edwin attend 2017 Pupil Parliament

Just some of the questions debated by KS1 delegates at the recent Parliament.
What things make us feel happy / good in the world outside?
Fresh air
Going to the park
Everything growing
People being kind
Animals, horses
Cuddles and kisses
Playing outside
The wild
Tae Kwando
Camping and cooking
Thinking time
Being happy
Helping others to be happy

Why do you think it is important to be active and participate in sport?
Helps you wake up before school
Being a winner
To be a performer
Because you like watching it
Makes you happy
You’re competitive
You feel pumped up
You’re good at it
Meeting people
To get rid of stress
Helps you pass the time
Having something to look forward to
To get into sport more
It feels good when you win
Keeps you happy
Taking part
Having a laugh with your friends
Meet new people and friends
Family time
Learn how to be a team
Keeps you fit
Get new skills
Keeps your heart pumping
Keeps you fit
Makes your heart happy
Exercises your heart
Stops you getting fat