Welcome to Freshford Church School

Headteacher’s Message

I believe that first-hand experience is the foundation stone of finding out who we really are and what we might become.

We inspire our children to be at the centre of their own learning by questioning, experimenting, thinking hard, being challenged, heard and given the time to try new and different ways. Through the journey of seeing and knowing your child, we are able to insist that they recognise the excellence within (them). The expertise, enthusiasm and dedication of the Freshford team is our key to building the dynamic relationship that sustains the trust and confidence your child needs for day-to-day risk-taking, effort and resilience. Thus we will enable your child to fully experience the joy of learning with an open heart

At Freshford our children innovate, create and explore; they show kindness, joy and love. With these tools, we know they are well placed to influence and change the world for the better.

We are committed to equal opportunities and promoting the welfare and safeguarding of all children at Freshford Church School and expect every member of our community to share this commitment.


Our Designated Safeguarding Lead
Andrew Wishart

Our Designated Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Ruth Poole

Infant reflections on the big questions
Two boys from our Reception/Yr 1 class, overheard whilst walking back, hand in hand, through the village, returning from our 2019 Easter service in St Peter’s Church:

Skipping along the pavement, our Reception boy exclaimed, ‘Jesus gives you the power to fly, that is how you get to heaven!’
The boy from Yr. 1 paused for a moment before suggesting gently, ‘It is your spirit that goes to heaven.’

The Reception boy reflected quietly for a minute before providing more news, ‘I’m looking forward to the disco party after school. I’m going to wear my jeans and my cool new T-shirt.’

The boy from Yr. 1 seemed undisturbed by this news and,perhaps spotting that they had fallen a little behind,their skipping picked up a pace.