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Freshford Church of England Primary School became part of the Bath & Wells Diocesan Academies Trust from 1st April 2018. Our school name is now Freshford Church School.

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Reminder : Public Consultation meeting Tuesday 30th January
A reminder about a public consultation regarding the school’s proposal to join the Bath & Wells Multi-Academy Trust – Spring 2018

Dear Parents / Carers and other friends of our school,

The Secretary of State for Education has now granted us an Academy Order giving us consent to join the Bath and Wells Multi- Academy Trust (“The Bath & Wells MAT”) in Spring 2018.

As you know, we as Governors looked at other options first, such as joining other MATs, forming a new MAT or staying as we are, but we decided to opt for the Bath & Wells MAT because we believe we share similar values. In addition, the Bath & Wells MAT is focused on early years and primary aged schools and has a proven track record of continuing school improvement. As an established Multi- Academy Trust, joining the Bath &Wells MAT would for example have an immediate impact upon reducing the administrative burden on the school and providing offers of HR and budgeting support at a time when these services are slowly being withdrawn by the Local Authority.

There are now twelve Early Years and Primary aged schools in and around Bath, all intending to join the Bath & Wells MAT in the spring as a “Hub”. Whilst recognising that all these schools are individual and unique, nevertheless many of the challenges that schools such as ours face are, in fact, similar. We believe that working together as a “Hub” will enable us to share resources and best practice, still as separate schools, but all benefiting from the economies of scale that would result from being part of this wider organisation.

There is a great deal of work to be done before joining the BWMAT and Andrew and his team will be intensely busy over the coming months in preparation. However, as part of this process it is important for you as a stakeholder to learn more about the BWMAT and have the opportunity to share your opinions and ask questions of the BWMAT representatives.

We would therefore like to invite you to a public consultation meeting at school on Tuesday 30th January. There will be the chance to attend either in the afternoon at 2.00pm or at 6.00pm. Please let the school know which, if any, of these times you would like to attend.

In the meantime, you will find general information on the school web site, but more detailed information on: If you would like to ask questions or make any comments, the BWMAT would be delighted to hear from you at:

This consultation will remain open until the end of January and the Questions and Answers will be updated from time to time in response to the queries received.

We look forward to seeing you on 30th January, but on behalf of the Governors I would like to take this opportunity to thank Andrew and his team for a busy and productive term and to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

Clare Ford
Chair of Governors

Posted as News item on 18.01.18