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Freshford Church of England Primary School is a creative learning environment where we work with energy and enthusiasm, embrace life’s joys and challenges and seek emotional and spiritual fulfilment.

We are justly proud of our ethos, founded on the Christian values of:










‘That they shall have life, life in all its fullness’ John 10.10

‘Between every two trees is a doorway to a new world’ John Muir

Reflections on my Skern Lodge Experience 2017

When I try to re-cap all we did and what was best over Skern Lodge, I find myself speechless. I could write about what we did there, all the activities and packed days one after the other, but if I could only take one memory to secondary school it wouldn’t be what we did, I wouldn’t take a list of all the activities over the week, because that’s not what sticks with me – what sticks with me is that over only the short space and time of a week my group slowly became a team, we adapted to working with each other, like how a house becomes a home.

At lunchtime, what really stood out for me was the fact that no-one seemed unhappy or excluded and we enjoyed simply being alive. Now, when I leave for secondary school, like I said before, if I could only take one thing, I would take the experience because I can’t take the people with me, but I can bring the memories. Sunniva

At Skern Lodge I had many amazing experiences and gained dozens of everlasting memories to treasure in my memory bottle. But as I took so many I need to share a few of them, so that you will understand how they will help me on the way to secondary school.

When I need to summon my courage, I shall merely remember the way I conquered my fear at the leap of faith when I feel I can no longer go on. I will recall the long, thin, wet tunnels and how I crawled through them and when I need to remember what having friends feels like I will simply think about sitting in the dorm, swapping jokes and laughing. Freddie

Through my journey of Skern Lodge there were so many great feelings to put into the memory bottle so that some of them were spilling out of the bottle itself.

One of the moments that made me feel dependable was when Ben was surfing with me, but somehow we both fell off at the same time, but a big wave was taking us apart. I know that it sounds cheesy, but when we both swam as hard as we could to be together it was one of those moments that lasts one second but lasts forever in your mind through secondary school and university. Stan