Welcome to the newest member of our community!

Welcome to the newest member of our community!

Latest photo of one chick 3rd July 2019… growing up fast!

Having been excited that a pair of swifts arrived at school and established a nest in our swift box a few weeks ago, we are delighted to announce another new arrival – late yesterday morning one of the pair’s three eggs hatched and was immediately fussed over and tended by both parents.

Despite the recent wet weather conditions leading many swift pairs to abandon their nests, our pair appear to be exemplary parents. We hope they remain so!

We are hugely grateful for the perseverance of Julie Fitzgerald and Tom Harper, who have never given up hope in attempting to re-establish a swift population in Freshford, and specifically at our school. Our box in the old school building is monitored by a camera which streams live footage of the swifts’ movements and it was a joyous moment when, whilst at lunch, some of the younger children excitedly witnessed the emergence of the first chick yesterday.

We look forward to seeing two new additions in due course and will post updates as the chicks become more visible.

Again, thank you to Julie and Tom for all your enthusiasm and belief.

Posted on 21st June, 2019, updated on 3rd July, 2019

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