Swainswick Explorers holiday clubs

Swainswick Explorers Holiday Clubs

Creative and adventurous childcare events almost every day this summer holidays. Please see for events and online booking.We are based at our site on the ‘At Home’ Days, and out in the local countryside on our Explorer Days. All our days are for children and young people aged 4 (in Reception) to 14 years old and cost £40, this includes all food.

Your parents may also be interested in this info about our cycling holiday if there is any additional room in the newsletter.

You might be interested in sending your children on their Camping & Cycling holidays for children in Germany. There are 4 places left on the holiday from Wed 17th August to Sunday 22nd August. They are for children aged 8-12 and based in Senftenberg which is a small town located between Berlin and Dresden, and once part of the GDR’s industrial heartland. The old coal mines have since been flooded to create 26 small, jewel-like lakes, interlinked by 550km of immaculate cycle paths. The group flies from Bristol – Berlin. For more information see their blog:

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Rachel Leigh-Wood

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Posted on 9th July, 2018

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