Health and Well-being talk - Wednesday 17th January 8pm

Health and Well-being talk – Wednesday 17th January 8pm

We know that what children learn about health, well-being and diet at an early age will have an impact on their long-term health. At Freshford School we are keen to do all that we can to support the children to develop positive habits with respect to their own health and well-being. There are several things that we have planned as part of this, with the first being a health and well-being talk by a local GP for parents and carers.

Dr Campbell Murdoch is a Somerset-based GP who is passionate about the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases through lifestyle interventions. In particular, he has led the way in reversing type 2 diabetes in his patients through dietary changes – something he was taught was unachievable during his medical training.

The talk will include:
• an overview of the Human 5 model of health and well-being.
• an explanation of some of the myths about what a healthy diet is.
• ideas to empower individuals and our community to make a difference to the food environment created for our children.
• opportunities for questions and discussion.

To understand more about the importance of teaching our children healthy habits from an early age, we encourage all parents and carers to attend this talk on Wednesday 17th January at 8pm at Freshford Village Hall.

In addition to this, we are in the process of developing a whole school food policy, which draws upon the latest evidence-based information on food and diet. We are also aiming to take up the BANES challenge of becoming a Sugar Smart School. So look out for more information on this later in the year.

Posted on 10th January, 2018

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