Skern Lodge Residential 2017

Skern Lodge Residential 2017

Some answers to the question :

“What learning could we take away with us from being in the tunnels?”

“Try out new things, like I tried out new tunnels and that gives you confidence to try new things”

“Believe in yourself, because that’s the way to make myself more confident. I won’t be so hesitant to try new things in the future .”

“I think I can see better that you have to be aware of how other people might be feeling about something – you might be confident but the person behind you might be finding it hard or be scared, so you have to be aware of what they need too.”

First full day at Skern and the children are learning more about themselves and others.

Please visit our photo gallery for more photos of the Skern 2017 Experience

Posted on 20th June, 2017, updated on 27th June, 2017

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