Vehicle speeding and driving practices in Freshford

We are only too aware of the dangers posed by speeding cars to pedestrians, cyclists and other road users in the vicinity of the school and within the village in general, certainly at busy times of the day when people are in a hurry to get to and from work and become impatient if they are held up. Please read this note from the Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator.

An important note from Graham Jenkinson, Freshford Neighbourhood Watch

At our Annual Parish Meeting in April, John Jenkins raised concern that some vehicles are are exceeding the 20 mph speed limit and are putting pedestrians and cyclists at risk, particularly in the area of the High Street and the Primary School. Others at the meeting supported him. Since then, concern has also been expressed regarding vehicles being driven too fast along the very narrow Station Road; that vehicles mount pavement on the High Street and The Hill in the presence of pedestrians; and park where it causes obstruction for pedestrians and the normal flow of traffic.

In 2015, Neighbourhood Watch requested our Local Policing Team to carry out speed checks on the High Street and on all roads leading into the school crossroads. These records were presented to the Community Speed Watch coordinator, who decided our problem was not sufficiently serious to warrant training and the loan of a speed gun.

Unfortunately, our Policing Team are unable to assist us further, and even if they did help, it is unlikely that we would be helped with more than a one day check. It is important to mention that we have a good relationship with our Policing Team and we regularly update them on issues affecting our village, we also accept that resources need to be utilised economically.

PROPOSAL. We would like to establish the extent of the problem:
How many vehicles exceed the speed limit in a given time period?
What speed are they doing?
Incidents of vehicles who cannot wait, and opt to drive on pavements?
Extent to which vehicles parked on pavements, cause pedestrians to walk in the road?
We will fund and buy a speed gun. We are doing research on this, but so far have not found a camera that simultaneously records a vehicle registration number. Volunteers in a group of 2, preferably 3, will record times, speeds and registration numbers. Other details, i.e. safe location, reflective jackets (if required), will need to be established.

If the exercise over a given period of time provides evidence of significant speeding and numbers of offenders, we will request our Policing Team to consider setting up a Community Speedwatch Scheme, together with training, and a shared speed gun.

We have requested our Policing Team to comment on the legality of our proposed action.


We ask you to circulate this message to Neighbourhood Watch members, we also ask the Pre and Primary Schools, Galleries Shop, the Church, and the Inn at Freshford to consider this issue and to please send us your views, comments and suggestions.

We would appreciate offers to volunteer as vehicle speed monitors. Would you be willing to take mobile phone or camera shots of offending vehicles?

The speed camera will be funded by concerned residents. When we know the cost, would you be willing to contribute a max £5?

Please contact myself at or John Jenkins at
Keep Watching
Graham (and John)
Graham Jenkinson, Coordinator Freshford Neighbourhood Watch

Posted on 1st June, 2017

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